Risk management is defined as the process of protecting an organization’s assets through exposure identification, exposure analysis, controlling exposures, financing losses with external and internal funds, and the implementation and monitoring of the risk management process.

Our approach assists you in assessing all of the risk that affects your business, not just the risks that an insurance policy covers. The standard insurance contract typically addresses approximately 40% of the real risks that can devastate a business. Our process helps you identify all of the risks that can adversely affect your business. Once identified we can help you provide solutions for you to actively avoid, retain or in some cases transfer the risk. This pro-active approach will set you apart from your industry peers and provide a competitive long term advantage to you in the marketplace.

Risk Management Services

  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Retention – Assistance & Coordination
  • Risk Financing – Assistance & Coordination
  • Loss Control Services – Assistance & Coordination
  • Perpetuation Planning – Assistance & Coordination
  • Work Comp Experience Mod Analysis

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